Go Wales!


Well done Wales! The BBC report that, "Wales manager Brian Davies says there are no plans at present to change anyone's departure dates for the Commonwealth Games in Delhi." 

"Our tower block is pretty much ready to go, it's in a good state now. It's clean, the plumbing's working, the wiring's working, the electric is working," said Jenkins.

That'll be a nice upgrade for them then.

Still, at least they're going which is more than can be said for some of the fluffy, soft centred English team.......... none of who I've ever remotely heard of.       

The always dependable Canadians are also pitching up to have a go; their position being nicely put by one Canook, "I'm just hoping ... the track is in good condition, in one piece and the lanes aren't falling apart. If I need to, I'll sleep at the track."

Good lad.